Value of Membership

What is the Value of Membership in PCTGA?

Each member that attends the educational sessions offered at the Annual Winter and Summer Meetings receives a discounted registration fee.
Savings - $205.00
Members receive a subscription to the Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal.
Savings - $15.00
PCTGA funds research projects that enable the industry to grow better trees, as well as conducting surveys directed at consumers to track current buying trends.
Savings - $86.00
The PA Farm Show attracts over 400,000 attendees each year. The PCTGA hosts a booth to promote the consumption of Real Trees.
Savings - $50.00
Complementary Real Christmas Trees are provided to the state office buildings each year by PCTGA member farms, promoting the use of Real Trees to every consumer who walks through the door.
Savings - $80.00

So, how much is your PCTGA membership worth? The total savings that you receive each year is valued at $436.00.

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